The Peruvian
Paso HorseThe Estancia

The Peruvian Paso horse, originally from Spain and with more than 500 years in our lands, was introduced into the Viceroyalty of Peru and was then used by foremen for transportation with mules, crossing deserts and valleys until reaching the province of Salta, as we know it nowadays.

This breed traces its ancestry to the Andalusian horse together with the Normand and Barb horses. The latter comes from the North of Africa and is the responsible for the Peruvian’s characteristic lateral gait (legs on the same side but in a four-beat gait).

It is considered the best saddle horse due to its smooth ride and its characteristic high lift (agudeza) and lateral movement (termino) which give this breed a distinctive grace and make it an undoubtedly unique breed. When riding a Peruvian Paso horse, people live an unforgettable experience and do not experience weariness even after riding for long hours.

The available horses have been awarded by the most important agricultural entities in the country, Haras Vallimanca.

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