La Pampa
The Region

Our estancia lends itself for introspection with the endless landscapes and for getting in touch with unique gaucho experience. La Pampa is the place where the Humid Pampas meets Patagonia.


The estancia is located between the cities of Gral. Acha and Santa Rosa, in the Province of La Pampa, and is perfectly situated in the Patagonian steppe.

It is characterized by the Caldén tree (Prosopis caldenia), which has strong wood and is home for a broad range of wildlife such as pumas, deer, foxes, rheas, hares, wild boars, and vizcacha rodents.

Our ecosystem also offers a large variety of landscapes such as ponds, woods, dunes, and plains.

How to get here:

By air:

Flight connections with Santa Rosa Airport, 1 hour from the estancia.

Buenos Aires - Santa Rosa: 1h 20m

By land:

Santa Rosa
95 km

Buenos Aires
700 km

800 km

900 km

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